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Facing severe hair loss, I turned a personal challenge into a mission. Ignoring predictions of irreversible damage, I leveraged my science and business background to create H.H Cosmetics. Today, my own hair regrowth stands as proof of our natural, effective solutions. Discover the power to redefine your hair journey with H.H Cosmetics.

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Hair Growth Bundle

Hair Growth Bundle

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Trichologists and Dermatologists have told me over the years. That I have no hope of getting new hair growth on my 15 year old bald patch. With little faith I purchased this product and I started using it.


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We research, formulate and manufacture every product from the ground up and every ingredient is sourced by us. We control every aspect of the manufacturing process and can therefore guarantee safe & high quality products. Our unique blend of certified ingredients work together to improve your scalp's health and create an environment for healthy hair to grow.

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Most of our users typically notice new hair growth, increased hair thickness, and reduced shedding within the first 180 days of using our products. Nevertheless, we understand that some individuals may find our products less compatible with their specific needs. At H.H Cosmetics, we want to assure you that if you don't experience any results after a full year of using our Hair Growth Products, you are eligible for a refund of your investment.