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As the founder, I am building H.H Cosmetics around the two important pillars of business. The primary focus is on exemplary customer service and products that actually work. My experience with severe hair loss and trying many different products that never worked, led me to take matters into my own hands. With my background in bio-science and business I formulate and create my own product line. My products therefore will never compromise your health, but restore, beautify and deliver on what is promised.

Hilda | Founder

our core values


H.H Cosmetics is proud to be relentlessly independent. We are bootstrapped with no outside investors, banks, or debt. As a brand, this allows us to focus entirely on what matters most — providing an unrivaled customer experience and helping women regain confidence.

Our core values


We are eager to grow but not at all costs. We believe in doing the little things right day in and day out. We believe in foundational formulation strategies, not quick cosmetic fixes. When it comes to our products, the focus is always on quality over labels. Our everyday decisions are not based on the fact that it will sell more, but rather based on maximizing performance and value.

Our core values


We are committed to full transparency with our customers. We will always tell you what ingredients we use and why we use them. We believe our products are the best you can buy.

However, we acknowledge that some users might experience less compatibility with our products. H.H Cosmetics therefore ensures that anyone who experiences no results after 180-days of using our products, will qualify for a refund of their investment in our products.

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