Sustainability is about doing more and better with less. It is about decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles. At H.H Cosmetics sustainability is one of the core aspects of our business. We therefore always strive for full sustainability so that we will only have a postive impact on the world. We acknowledge that we are not fully sustainable yet, but through this page we would like to show you what we are already doing and even more important what our end goals are.


Our ingredients are all natural and of the highest quality. We source all our ingredients and we make sure that they have been cultivated, packaged and transported using sustainable practices. This means that the practices used by our suppliers minimise contributions to global warming and respect our planet's natural ecosystems and biodiversity. They also ensure that the ingredients are ethically sourced, with good working conditions and fair compensation for human workers at every stage, from farming to packaging and delivery. This results in clean products in terms of impact on the world as well as on your health.

Product Packaging

Our jars, bottles, caps and lids are all sourced locally from manufacturers who also have sustainability as one of their core values. You are assured that our packaging not only keeps your products fresh, stable and effective but they are also 100% sustainable. We are using recycled HDPE and PET which are in turn 100% recyclable. So when you finish one of our products make sure to dispose of it in a recycling dumpster and not general trash.


Most cosmetic companies import their products all the way from across the globe, China. Their transportation footprint is enormous and it is not sustainable at all. H.H Cosmetics manufactures everything in-house and sources all packaging materials from Europe. This minimises our transportation footprint and any transportation required is CO2 compensated by our suppliers. Our production facilities, offices and fulfillment are electrictically heated & powered by 100% renewable energy.


Our packaging materials are all made from sustainable materials. We are using shipping boxes that are made of at least 70% from recycled materials and its resources are 100% sustainably sourced. Our paper tape ensures you can simply dispose of the shipping box without having to remove all the plastic tape. We want to make sure you receive your products intakt, so we surround your products with bouncy filling chips made from air, water and vegetable starch. So after you unpack your items, these chips can go straight into your compost or green container as they completely dissolve in water. When it comes to shipping, we are partnering with the leading and most innovative carriers who are working tirelessly to become 100% sustainable. You can read more about them here on DPD & UPS.