Gender, Ethnicities & Hair Types: We have formulated all our products to cater for all genders, ethnicities and all hair types.

Description of Hair Types: Below is a clear description of how you can identify with your hair type.

Hair type Shape
Type 1: Straight • 1a: Very straight, fine or thin texture
• 1b: Straight with some bends
• 1c: Straight with a coarser texture
Type 2: Wavy • 2a: Wavy and fine
• 2b: Wavy with a slightly more defined S-shape
• 2c: Wavy with well-defined S-shaped waves
Type 3: Curly • 3a: Loose curls
• 3b: Tight and springy curls
• 3c: An S or Z shape that springs back into shape when stretched
Type 4: Coily • 4a: Loose coils
• 4b: Zig-zagging coils
• 4c: Tight coils