What is Non - Comedogenic

This is a term used to define products that do not clog or block the pores on your scalp or skin.

Why formulate with Non Comedogenic Ingredients

The innermost core function of our Products is promoting Healthy Hair Growth. Comedogenic ingredients are not only heavy on the scalp but also hair follicles. They cause scalp build-up (dead skin cells, sweat, oil ) and if left untreated, bacteria and sebum get trapped in the follicles of your skin causing inflammation leading to Folliculitis that not only results in painful lumps, scarring but also hair loss.

Our products

All our products are formulated with lightweight ingredients that will never clog your pores. You can be assured that the foundation of all our formulations is Lightweight . E.g. Our non-comedogenic shampoo cleanses and hydrates your hair, scalp, and skin without clogging the pores or follicles. It effectively eliminates oily residues and ugly build-ups. 

All our products most importantly help enhance moisture and maintain the right pH level so your hair and scalp won't dry out. This in turn enhances healthy hair growth.