Vegan & Cruelty Free: As a cruelty-free & vegan brand, we want to do everything we can to end animal cruelty in cosmetics. We are  here to share the truth and help you make informed, aligned, and compassionate buying decisions. 

How do we test our products for safety?
We test on ourselves! But first and foremost, we only use verified safe and non-toxic ingredients in every product, banning over 1400 ingredients from our formulas. So, even before we try them out on our hair and skin, we know our products are completely safe and non-toxic.

Since safety is not a question with our products, we test to ensure no allergic reactions, and the overall performance of products on not only different hair & skin types, but also with different lifestyles, and in different conditions like weather, altitude, etc.

Testing for attributes like preservation and stability are conducted in a laboratory setting using scientific methods that never include the use of animals.