HH Proprietary Secret Herbs & Extracts

Products we use it in: African Black Soap Shampoo, Multi-Use Leave-in Conditioner, Moisturising Thickening Gel, Moisturizing Curling Butter. Hair Follicle Stimulant, Multi-use Pure Oil Blend.

HH Secret Herbs: This is our proprietary potent, blend of natural herbs that we have Researched, Tested and Incorporated in our various amazing formulas.

Why we use them: We include them in our formulations so that when using our products, you are assured of a soft, clean, easy to style hair without any product build-up. In our formulations they help to promote faster hair growth, bring back the balance of your hair pH by restoring it to its original natural form leaving your hair restored, feeling soft, looking great and healthy while giving you back the confidence and motivation to keep on growing. 

Other benefits: Our proprietary herbs and extracts are all Certified, Natural. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.

EWG Score: 1