Products we use it in:  Multi-Use Leave-in Conditioner, Eczema Relief & Moisturizing Curling Butter.

What is BTMS - 50 - This pastille-form 50% active Behenyl (C22) quaternary conditioning agent and cationic emulsifier stands out for its lack of ethoxylated components and volatile compounds. Sourced from colza oil extracted from the turnip rape plant (brassica rapa subsp. oleifera), it boasts organic credentials. Compared to conventional HH BTMS, this higher active variant contains fewer fatty alcohols, enabling flexible conditioning adjustments to tailor our product's performance. Its wax-like texture and potent conditioning properties make it a versatile and effective ingredient for enhancing product quality.

Usage Benefits: BTMS - 50 in our Multi - Use Conditioner conditions, detangles, fights static, softens, and helps to straighten hair. Because it’s plant-based, it doesn’t coat the hair. Instead, it penetrates the hair shaft and provides deeper conditioning properties to our Leave -In.

Other Benefits: In our BTMS - 50 formulations, the Behentrimonium Methosulfate serves as a gentle primary emulsifier and superb conditioning agent. Its unique properties yield elegant cationic emulsions across our product range, while its exceptional mildness ensures optimal detangling performance. This characteristic makes it highly compatible and advantageous for our product formulations.

Safety Rating - EWG Score: 3 - 4