When to see results with H.H Products?

Your Hair Loss: is experienced over a long period of time. The length of your Anagen Stage is now decreased or totally impaired and as a result your hair has become weaker ,thinner or deformed (non existent) after each cycle to the point it has caused visible hair loss. 


When will my Hair Grow Back: Hair will grow back depending on the condition of your Anagen Phase as explained here and thus the notion hair growth varies from person to person. You should not expect your hair to grow back within 2 to 4 weeks if your anagen phase is totally decreased  (no visible follicles /smooth scalp) or deformed over the course of many years. Hair growth is a process just like other processes in your body and it is important to give your body time to correspond to the vital nutrients (H.H Follicle Stimulant & H.H Vitamin Supplements) you are feeding it and let it repair what has been broken over a long period of time. Hair loss can be best described as a deep wound that requires healing or likened to the root of a tree. It needs proper nourishment over a long period of time for it to grow into a strong tree and the same goes for the root of your follicles (Anagen Bulb). I will briefly try to explain the science behind hair loss and maybe I will be able to convince you to be more patient.

Our H.H follicle stimulant induces an early anagen phase when applied to your scalp. This means that it can cause hair follicles to naturally go through the rest of the growth process prematurely before starting to grow again. It also helps to build /repair your deformed or non existent anagen bulbs, prolong the anagen phase, leading to increased hair length and diameter in the long run.

More Hair shedding while using H.H ProductsWhen hair follicles go through the induced growth process (induced anagen phase) and enter into the anagen phase, some people may experience hair shedding when they first start using our follicle stimulant. This is because old hairs can fall out in large numbers, making it seem as if you’re losing more hair than normal. If you use our products and experience this phenomenon, do not panic but continue to use our products as they will repair the decreased anagen phase.

Conclusion: Even though our products start working immediately, for some it will not produce any quick visible results within four weeks as they would like it to. What do we mean by this? Using only one of our 50 ml or 100 ml is not sufficient for you to come to the conclusion that our products don't work but with patience and continuous usage one should start to see visible results.

To achieve optimal results, you not only have to keenly follow our application instructions but also be patient and consistent. Every time you get impatient, try to remember Rome was not built in a day and just like the human stages of development, everything takes time.


4 Months Review

For five years plus I struggled with hair loss along with many other factors that contributed to my hair loss i.e. stress and just every day issues. Over the years of tried a lot of different hair products I've seen a lot of specialists and dermatologist as well who had told me that I had a type of alopecia called CCCA, I was told that where my hair loss has happened it is very unlikely that hair would regrow. During the lock down period I was supposed to take a biopsy on my head so they could investigate further as to what caused the alopecia and ways to slow down the hair loss. I was unable to attend the appointment due to the lock down restrictions and came across H.H cosmetics and I must admit at the beginning I was very sceptical as I know a lot of these hair brands use other people's photos and pose as their own, after conversing with the owner of the brand I thought let me give it a try and see if this could be the answer to something which I struggled with for years. As a woman hair loss is something very very personal and can knock your confidence very much. I started using the hair product and in the first month I don't really think I noticed much difference the place where the hair loss was, was literally just skin it was smooth like a baby's bum there was nothing there. I know that if you're gonna use a product use it for at least 2 to 3 months as you may have to wait in order to see some results. I ordered my first two month supply and within the second month I saw a bit of hair / fluff growth around the edges and in the place where I had the biggest part of alopecia attack. I then ordered my second tub and noticed that there was little tiny heads popping up not only has this given me hope but has also given me confidence because my hair shedding has completely reduced and my hair on a whole is a lot stronger I do use the hair follicle stimulant on my whole hair probably twice a week but concentrate on the places where I have hair loss and sporadically spread it around my hair so on a whole this cream has done wonders for my hair and I will continue to order and update my progress. The person that created this brand should be very proud that she is helping people indirectly through something she created which is amazing and I will continue to help others who are struggling with the same situation as me and recommend her brand. - Angerima -

 Updated Hair Growth Progress: 22/02/2021

Why use our products: Because our products are sourced from the highest quality, certfied natural ingredients. They also DO NOT cause any adverse effects compared to Minoxidil that can cause effects such as headache, chest pain, swelling on the body, numbness, irregular heart beat etc from using them. Our products also never contain any harmful ingredients like: Artificial Fragrance or Perfume | Artificial Colouring | Minoxidil | Formaldehyde | Parabens | Petrolatum | Phenoxyethanol | SLS/SLES | Triethanolamine TEA | Mineral Oil | Phthalates


We recommend using our H.H Follicle Stimulant, Hair Reviving Roller to stimulate the hair roots (anagen bulb) and our H.H Vitamin Supplements to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth. The H.H Follicle Stimulant together with the H.H Vitamin Supplement naturally stop the production of the DHT endogenous androgen which is a result of hormones fluctuating in the body causing less production of oestrogen which leads to hair loss.

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