Below we have broken down the various types of hair loss and strategically categorised how our various products work in accordance to different damages of the Anagen phase. We have also highlighted why you need them and when to realistically expect hair regrowth.

1. Non Existing Anagen Phase: This is when your follicles are dormant and the surface area of your hair loss area is smooth, bald and scarring.

For this phase, we highly recommend our starter set Medium. This set contains our:

  • H.H Follicle Stimulant - It helps to stimulate the hair roots (anagen bulb) and revive the dormant follicles.
  • Hair Reviving Roller  - It not only helps to boost collagen production but also boosts Epidermal growth factors, cytokines and also helps increase the absorption of our Follicle Stimulant by 95%.
  • H.H Vitamin Supplements - It will help to replenish the insufficient vital vitamins needed by the body for healthy hair growth. The H.H Follicle Stimulant together with the H.H Vitamin Supplement naturally stop the production of the DHT endogenous androgen which is a result of hormones fluctuating in the body causing less production of oestrogen which leads to hair loss.

When to see visible results: When you are in this phase, your follicles are dormant and when you start our regrowth regimen, it is very important for you to understand that your hair regrowth will sadly not happen over night or in weeks as you have always been led to believe. We can also assure you that if anyone tells you otherwise they are not telling you the truth.

We stand behind our products and can indeed affirm that when using our products (during this stage) you can expect to see hair regrowth within 3 -12 months of following our instructions and consistent use. This and many other factors have led us to add this Medium Starter Set to our money back  guarantee.

***NOTE *** We highly recommend this set to those who are also experiencing severe traction alopecia on their edges. This is because compared to other parts of the head, the edges have the least amount of blood flow and that makes it the most difficult area to grow back. Using this set ensures continuous increase in blood flow to that area and thus enhancing healthy hair growth.

2. Existing Anagen Phase - This is when you have visible follicles but your hair is thin or stagnant as seen below. Left is before, right is after 6 months of using our products consistently.

We recommend using our Medium Hair Growth Set or our Medium Starter Set. Inclusive in the starter set is our HH Reviving Roller that helps to maximise absorption and hasten the hair regrowth process.

3. Autoimmune types of hair loss: This is hair loss caused by the cells in your immune system mistakenly attacking your hair follicles. (Alopecia Areata). 

While there is no cure for this type of hair loss, we collected data from a few of our customers who are currently experiencing / battling this type of hair loss and the results look promosing. They notice that they are able to extend the Anagen phase longer compared to when they are using other products. This makes the Medium Starter Set a good candidate to manage this type of hair loss.

Hair Care

During your regrowth, we highly recommend using and maintaining your hair with non comedogenic (pore clogging) products. With the mentioned reasons we strongly recommend our complete hair care set. This set, just like our other products, are non comedogenic, non toxic and don't contain any harmful ingredients that will jeopardise or hinder your hair regrowth progress. In addition we highly recommend weekly deep conditioning with this set to boost, thicken the new revived follicles and enhance faster healthy hair growth.

In conclusion: To achieve optimal results, you not only have to keenly follow our application instructions but also be patient and consistent. Every time you get impatient, try to remember that Rome was not built in a day and just like the human stages of development, everything takes time.


I do really experienced growth of hear.
It is much slowly but let me say surely

Mavis October 24, 2022

My hair seems much healthier than before, feestje thicker but regrowth is very slow

Shirley October 24, 2022

How much is it. Can I use the small jar only for a start. Or do I have to buy the whole set. Thanks

Brenda Jonah October 24, 2022

Yes I would recommend it it is good but I will be will be back with the company to order some more stuff but if the product was a bit bigger in the bottle I wouldn’t mind thank you very much

Sandra October 24, 2022

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