Regrow your most stubborn areas

Our Starter Sets always consists of our Hair Follicle Stimulant and our Hair Reviving Roller. The hair follicle stimulant is specifically formulated to increase blood flow to the scalp; to reactivate and strengthen dormant hair follicles naturally.

The hair reviving roller creates small openings on the epidermis and increases absorption of our active ingredients in our hair follicle stimulant by 95%. An added benefit is that it removes dead skin cells from the scalp, therefore creating the right environment for healthy hair growth.


As much as we want to stay young forever, nobody is exempted from aging. And the older you get, the more you will need to care for your physical health. Studies have shown that as you age, you not only experience deficiencies but it also becomes harder for the body to absorb the much-needed nutrients. To make it worse, some medications drain the much needed nutrients from your body.

You need to replenish every day to stay fit and healthy. That is why we not only recommend using our hair follicle stimulant to replenish your scalp daily from the outside, but also recommend taking our liquid hair vitamins daily to nourish your body on the inside.

Our hair growth vitamin is included in our medium and large set. It is formulated and powered with a mix of high potent, natural, certified complex vitamins that not only help to boost your overall hair growth but also your overall healthy well-being. It includes complex vitamins like B3, C, B12 The Vitamin E, A  & C. Struggling with your skin, low immunity, brain fog, or poor metabolism? Our hair growth vitamins will help with all that.

Stop shedding and avoid breakage

The large set comes with our amazing Shampoo & Conditioner. They are specifically formulated with a combination of all natural & certified ingredients known to boost and support faster healthy hair growth. When used together they work like magic leaving your hair extremely clean, at the same time soft and manageable for days. It will tremendously reduce shedding and avoid your (new) hair from breaking. They are free from any sulfates, silicones, parabens and many other different chemicals that tend to damage and strip the hair of its natural oils. Including our Shampoo and Conditioner in your wash day assures you of clean, soft, easy to style hair without any product build-up.