Potash - 100% Cocoa Pods

Products we use it in: African Black Soap Shampoo.

What is Potash: This is powder derived from the burning of the husks of 100% cocoa pods.

Why we use it: The cocoa pod ash or potash replaces Lye: (Sodium Hydroxide) in an organic soap ingredient. Lye is an essential ingredient in soap. Lye can also come from wood ash or made from burning scrapes like dried palm branches or bunch, and banana or plantain peels. It is actually the chemical reaction of lye and fats (oleic or palmitic acid) that creates soap.

Other benefits: Cocoa pods have a mild potash provision that makes it subtle to not only hair but also the scalp and skin. The cocoa potash powder helps to absorb toxins on the hair, skin and scalp and this helps to detoxify and exfoliate resulting in the promotion of healthy hair growth.

EWG Score: 1