Decyl Glucoside

Products we use it in: African Black Soap Shampoo

What is Decyl Glucoside: This ingredient is a gentle, natural, and biodegradable surfactant derived from glucose and coconut oil. It's known for its mild cleansing properties and compatibility with sensitive skin.

Usage Benefits: Decyl Glucoside is integral to our African Black Soap Shampoo for its ability to generate a rich lather that effectively yet gently cleanses the scalp without stripping natural oils.

Other benefits: Apart from being non-drying and kind to both hair and skin, its mild nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin types, including babies. It creates a stable, luxurious foam that spreads easily, ensuring thorough cleansing and hydration. Additionally, its eco-friendly profile supports our commitment to sustainable beauty solutions.

Safety Rating - EWG Score: 1