DEA Compounds (Diethanolamine)

DEA and DEA - The related ingredients function as emulsifiers or foaming agents in cosmetics, or to adjust a product's pH (acidity). It is used in a number of consumer products, such as shampoos, oils, soaps, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Dangers of Sulfates:  Acute (short-term) inhalation exposure to diethanolamine in humans may result in irritation of the nose and throat, and dermal exposure may irritate the skin. Animal studies have reported effects on the liver, kidney, blood, and central nervous system (CNS) from chronic oral exposure
to diethanolamine

Ingredients that contain DEA:
Cocamide DEA - Cocamide MEA -DEA-Cetyl Phosphate -DEA Oleth-3 Phosphate - Lauramide DEA - Linoleamide MEA - Myristamide DEA -Oleamide DEA - Stearamide MEA - TEA-Lauryl Sulfate - Triethanolamine